Coronavirus: The latest COVID-19 news on Sunday, April 19 (AM edition) | 7NEWS

Ruby Princess to remain docked in NSW for another week, the PM says a COVID tracking app will not be mandatory, but hopes Australians will still download it and protests across the US calling for the end of the lockdown.

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Comments (8)

  1. You can't lock people in an infected vessel and not expect the infection to spread

  2. Glad to call Australia home 🇦🇺

  3. The apps basically invading your privacy, how u know apps can not read or see your msg?

  4. So the app doesn't track you, it just records exactly where you've been?
    I'm glad that's been cleared up

  5. Finally it can be seen that the measures took by government were strong and affective if people follows it because compare to other countries, we have a really good control over the virus. What people need to do is just follow the rules until lockdown isn’t removed or else all thing things will be for nothing !!

  6. I'll get the app, no worries.

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