Elizabeth Goitein: Trump 'Doesn't Quite Understand' COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not A War | MSNBC

Elizabeth Goitein, co-director of the Liberty and National Security Program at the Brennan Center for Justice, joins Alicia Menendez to discuss President Trump’s declaration that he would adjourn both chambers of Congress and his claims to “absolute power” over the states to reopen the economy.» Subscribe to MSNBC:

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Elizabeth Goitein: Trump ‘Doesn’t Quite Understand’ COVID-19 Pandemic Is Not A War | MSNBC


Comments (30)

  1. The libbytards freaked out when Trump was going to shut down travel, I wish we could combine this with of a purge of the stupid people

  2. This is going to get so bad. The cabinet should just remove him. The closer we get to the election, the more embolden he'll get — this is scary.

  3. No one will escape. This coming week Mark's the the start of ARRESTS, and I think Brennan, Comey, Clapper, Peter, and Lisa will be the appetizers, followed by, Podesta, and Jarrett.


    "Patriots in control."

  4. you have to accept it. trump really did helped #FatteningTheCurve HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA HA

  5. The only thing “total” about this guy is his f-ing stupidity and self-absorption.

  6. at 1 million test a week will take 100 weeks to test the entire country, thats 2 years

  7. Are there any be interesting to hear what a psychiatrist had to say also

  8. My 12 yr kid knows that Congress has more power then the President. And trump went to an Ivy league school. Hahahahahaha

  9. All stores that are conducting business MUST make wearing masks
    mandatory for customers and all personnel. I was at a Trader Joe's
    today and the cart guy finally had a mask on. There was no hand
    sanitizer available at entry or exit. The door greeter/cart provider was
    continually in violation of the minimum six feet social distancing
    guidelines as were the customers.

  10. Watched his "briefing" today. I think this is what a psychotic break looks like. I urge people to email, call their Senators and Congressmen and ask that they convene to seriously consider commiting him. If I had a family member acting like Trump I'd sign the papers. God help us.

  11. Trump derangement syndrome on steroids. MSNBC ain't telling me anything I don't already know about Trump. Trump scares me less than Joe Biden.

  12. We have more new cases everyday in US, I think we should stay on lockdown longer, we will get help from government, lets be safe. Everyone please stay home. Trump did really good with helping us and he will continue sending checks or some other help…
    I film vlogs about coronavirus in US, feel free to check them out…

  13. How many of u here feels that compare to trump, perhaps u can do a better job than him being a president? Because trump really sucks at his job.

  14. You just said he doesn't quite understand the virus? You don't seem to understand what you are talking about also

  15. In light of
    President Trump's handling or shall I say mishandling of this #COVID19 pandemic, it is time for Congress to use the 25th Amendment to remove him from power. His failed businesses are now our country's future. Lives are at stake.

  16. Trump needs to stop sniffing glue it's starting to close his brain or what's left of it

  17. trump delegated all his responsibilities to his staff ignored the fact of his duty to get test for the states.So he can watch tv get in front of the podium and lie his face off.

  18. In any other country, any president, or king/queen says any idiotic stuff DJT says, it will be the end of the story for their ruling. Only in the USA, people keep letting him say what he wants, or do what he wants, and just keep moving on like Nothing's happened.

  19. Trump is to stupid to realize that the key to being re-elected is stopping the spread of this virus. He seems to think that the crap that helped him get elected will work again.

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  21. Elizabeth, Goitein ….. trump doesn't quite understand.
    Trump ,… understand what ?

  22. Trump prove. To be Just spoil. Rich boy that manipulate everyone and blame everyone else

  23. This station sucks…you are all puppets…Who is your master…who writes your scripts? Don't you wish you were real journalists?

  24. "I knew it was going to be a pandemic before anyone else even thought about it". Donald Trump. 3/20.

  25. Trump said he would create jobs and he has! Dead Doctors! Nurses! Grocery workers! Transit Workers! Grandparents! Some of these will be hard to replace!

  26. And yet, even before all this went down, with mounting evidence against him….he was STILL NOT IMPEACHED!!!! How is this man still able to run a country when he can't even run his own brain on a focused thought???! He cares about himself only and not America as a whole! Obama dealt with Ebola, swine flu, and the zika virus outbreaks. The country never shut down, schools weren't closed and why???? Because President Obama is a leader who listened to experts, then did what was best for the country, not himself!!! #iwontdieforwallstreet

  27. Trump is in the right

  28. We have lost way to many first responders, all heroes. Heroes Trump or his administration never even recognized. We have people going to food banks and that could be solved. But then again, the Federal government finds it too hard just like the testing. This country has never been in a place where the Feds can't help the people of America. Not during World War 1 or 2. The big wars. This is a war of a different kind. But remember Trump found ways to stay out of the wars. And he is Killing Americans now one person at a time. Everyone counts or no one counts.

  29. Although wrong about absolute authority (under normal circumstances) these people doesn't understand that China actually has conducted an act of war against the rest of the world. Intentionally? Well, probably not to begin with, but definitely after they realized that they might be the only country affected by a crashing economy etc, and so the decided to level the playing field by letting the rest of the world have its share of the disaster. The US IS at war with China. It's just not a conventional war.

  30. You know what's worse, cnn, msnbc, ect

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