Pres. Trump, governors feud over COVID-19 testing

President Trump is touting his administration’s response to the coronavirus pandemic, boasting about the number of testing kits they’ve provided. State governors say it’s not enough. CBS News correspondent Nikole Killion has the latest on the government’s approach to coronavirus.

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Comments (26)

  1. HA HA HA HA! It's the nation's governors ( the only real leaders in politics) vs the the nation's orange 🐖 ( no offense to hogs)

  2. I've been working Feverishly on some Coronervirus jokes…. (drums here)…. Tell you what, since this Coronervirus thing, my wife and I have decided to Separate….. (drums here)…. Is a free flu vaccine a cheap shot? (drums…) …Hey… this idea of everybody wearing masks is nothing to sneeze at! (drums)…. I think the Avian flu is for the birds…. (drums)… This just in: no gatherings of more than one person for the next 30 days, (drums) …the comedy clubs should convert to drive-thru: car pulls up, put four quarters in a slot, wall slides open, a live comic behind a bullet-proof window tells jokes for 60 seconds. Wall slides closed, next car (drums)—- They'd have an eatery next door: “I'd like a McCovid with cheese, please…” (drums)— We'll breathe easier when we get our ventilators …(drums) …Scientists have discovered that Trump kool-aid is orange-flavored & tastes a lot like the Tang the astronauts drank when they faked the moon landings …. (drums)…. Biden's sitting in the back of the Presidential limo. He sees the phone that puts him in touch with the nuclear submarine. He picks it up, puts it to his face, and tries to order a sandwich. The terrified cook sends Biden a sub sandwich…. (drums)….and the sandwich from the crowded submarine contains Coronervirus… (rim shot)— My friend on the ventilator said he didn't want to die. I said: 'Great, man! You're thinking outside the box!' (drums)….

  3. If they were black national guard would be called. Stupid a__ people. Then they will go see grandma good job dummies.


  5. There is a difference between having "discussions" abut how to address items and an actual "feud" that the media like to paint as the ongoing picture

  6. We're all in this together….Except for Trump and his band of idiots!

  7. They have the tests.
    Doctors order them.
    These governors are politizing a crisis.
    Or maybe CBS is.

  8. If America socially distances it self from this train wreck administration,
    will it go away too?

  9. How much you want to bet other than new York which shut down first the other states were late on shutting down now pointing the finger at trump

  10. Can’t wait for Cuomo to drop another diarrhea bomb on Trump’s forehead


  12. America is falling apart slowly

  13. Those who want to have tight limits should just go live in China.

  14. Federal tax money should not pay for testing unless a federal mandatory testing is mandated. Citizens who opt to live in states less infected should not have to foot the bill for NY, NJ or any other infested swamp.

  15. Lol youd have to test everyone everyday to know how far it's actually spread just because you are fine when you get the test dosen't mean you weren't exposed on the way home from the drs or the next day

  16. Why is it that our country has done more testing than any other countries?!

  17. What a deliberate MURDERER he's become!

  18. Red coat lady: “The President, ah uh”, gasp, “wants to, ah uh”, gasp, “uh, open the country, ah, by, uh”, gasp, “the end of the month, uh”… Did corona damage her lung capacity? Good grief!

  19. I would not in any way be surprised if the media found out later that, the trump administration was paying those people protesting to go back to work…. It's such stupidity in this country mind boggling lol. Wish I was still 15 and not knowing yet how completely inadequate all these adults running this country was. . . . . . Supposed to be America the world super hero. But we haven't been that to ourselves as well as others in a long long time… Very sad & very disappointing 😑😑

  20. You people weren't in your homes and taking these unnecessary precautions when the annual flus roll around which is deadlier than the "coronavirus" and y'all still waiting at home like little children waiting for daddy to tell you when to go outside .. Research and realize that this PLANDEMIC isn't about the "virus" you can't catch ..pathetic

  21. He needs and has fully earned summary execution. By late next week more Americans will have died in 12 weeks than servicemen killed in the entire Vietnamese war. And he claims credit for what San Francisco and California did while he laughed about a hoax virus. Does anyone remember an America where stuffed shirt, condescending, ignorant know-it-alls were actually held in contempt by the vast majority of America? Trump and his sycophants don't.

  22. Audio level seems a bit high in some part of gain staging. Like a 0dBfs clip on her mic post initial pickup.

  23. The virus started in the USA all 5 strains of the virus are in the US not found anywhere else in world

  24. Why aren’t the streets in every city being cleaned, why aren’t there drones or even planes releasing disinfectant spray in the air. Why hasn’t every inch of the country been cleaned. There might be cleaning going on in some places but I personally have not seen it. As a part of the plan to help aid during this pandemic why hasn’t there been any major cleaning. We are not doing enough to combat this virus. In China they built sanitation tunnels where you can walk through and it disinfects workers.

  25. I think we need a White House Psychiatrist

  26. Hydroxyclorocuin and zink not social distancing will save economy and lives.

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